Yearends are allegedly a suitable period to reminisce and prophesize. We base our time according to hours, days, months, decades. Time never ends; yet, we need conclusions, we need to pace our lives. Achievements and failures all fall into this mindful schedule. Yearend after yearend, calendar pages must be turned. Memories permit the transition, inevitably bringing yet another set of discoveries.

The video from Ghana is finalized. I am currently waiting on the organization’s feedback to make the proper final changes before publishing online. Apart from that, translations are needed to finish the other videos (Burundi, Sri Lanka and Indonesia). Thus, the remaining time could be used to reminisce about personal experiences, lessons learned and insightful recommendations. Because of the project’s content, this entire year has been well documented; and any attempt to reminisce would signify a complete repetition of words. Perhaps time itself will weight the significance of these memories.

Some fun facts can be spared though. Throughout this entire year, 23 different airports were visited – an average of 2 per month. Besides airplanes, all other forms of public transportation were utilized during the process (from long walks to ambulance rides). Over 1,500 minutes of video footage was filmed, more than 4,000 pictures were taken and 50,000 words were written – enough documentation to certify the productiveness of 365 days and nights spent in over 60 distinct beds.

I am taking a break from “People of Change” to focus on another project. The website will still be available sicnce some of the videos have yet to be finalized and further published. Goals and objectives remain within sight; unfortunately it takes more than just good will these days. There are several costs involved, and after one year of complete devotion it is time to settle down within common grounds.

These might be common, yet far from ordinary. There are always new grounds to be discovered for those searching. The travels are eternal even from a physically static standpoint. May this coming year be filled with discoveries. Common or ordinary, new territories must be explored. Thanks for the support.