What makes you smile?

Simple question with a huge impact.

This is what Make DC Smile is asking to their community in one of this recent projects. They create an interactive chalkboard in a public space asking people “What makes you smile?”, which allows residents to take a moment and remember the things that make them happy. Everybody has the opportunity to write in their answer. They also take photos of the people with their own answer, and they share it on social media, which helps spread the question and get others thinking about it.

The story of MDCS started in August of 2012. They decided to hold signs with simple, positive messages to commuters to see. That day changed their lives, they say. They realized how this simple act can make a big difference and have an important impact to everyone.

After that, every Project that MDCS bring to the community are simple and can be executed by anyone. They say “As long as we change the outlook of one person’s day or week ahead, then it’s misión accomplished”.

Take a look of all of their projects www.makedcsmile.com

And don’t forget to SMILE! :)