We Transform

The project “A Gente Transforma,” (We Transform) created by architect Marcelo Rosenbaum, uses design as an inclusion tool to showcase Brazilian handicrafts within the worldwide design market. The idea is to create sustainability and to restore Brazilian art values, popular culture and self-esteem of communities commonly forgotten.

Within this profile, the project selected 2 communities. The first movement happened at Parque Santo Antonio, in São Paulo, where many architects, urbanists, students from Brazil and abroad transformed the landscape of this area, one of the poorest neighborhoods of the city.

The second movement took place in one of the driest areas in Brazil, Várzea Queimada, in Piauí, with 9 months of draught during the year. The people of this community, which has one of the worst HDI in Brazil, live from subsistence farming and the project restored handicraft techniques that had been left aside.

Such initiative has been going around and increasing it’s impact, and even inspired the scenography for the latest edition of the São Paulo Fashion Week, the biggest fashion show in Brazil. It’s worthwile checking out Marcelo Rosenbaum’s projects.