Train of Thoughts: Motion

Badulla was the first location in which no other foreigners were encountered; hence, curious stares just came naturally. Either through walks around the city, farm visitations or local interactions, the population knew I wasn’t from there. Within the week period, it never felt as though I wasn’t welcomed. On the contrary, Sri Lankans are warm-hearted people, and such hospitality was even greater in the Badulla region – one communal love affair.

Although evident physical differences undernoted cultural divergences, I learned much during this period. Out of all visited countries, the documentation experience provided an unprecedented understanding on cultural and social levels. Personal frustrations apart, the work of “Future in Our Hands” (and the people) remained the focus of the visit. The organization’s positive impact on providing developmental resources within the Uva province goes beyond thirty interviews and additional footage. Such changes can only be captured through time.

Eleven hours; one hour shorter than expected, and the train already approaches the Colombo Railway Station. Time has gone by rather fast. Despite its prolonged duration, it surely has been an enjoyable ride. Soon, the train will discontinue its motion, I will turn my back towards the see-through wall and pursue the forward direction of the locomotive. Once I step onto the platform, full control of my movements will be restored. Looking backwards, thoughts and images remain.