Too Young to Wed


The word “wedding” has only positive connotations for many people. It conjures up images of dresses, rings, family and friends, food, and dancing. Romantic notions of a couple in love… But for millions of girls every year, the words “wedding” and “marriage” are a nightmare.


In numerous cultures around the world, the practice of marrying off girls while they are still children is a continuing condition. Families choose to make their daughters into child brides often for financial reasons, to settle debts, or to form alliances. These girls can be as young as five years old, forced into a union with men who do not hesitate to demand sex from their new “wives”. They are rarely given an education after their marriage, which helps to contribute to the cycle of poverty and the continuance of archaic traditions such as this one.


Too Young to Wed is a new nonprofit whose mission is to highlight the plights of child brides around the world. The organization is heavily dependent on photography and cinematography in bringing stories about women and girls to the attention of the world. You can help spread their word by sharing on social media or in your local community. Too Young to Wed, partnered with local nonprofits, believes that education is the best chance young girls have to avoid an early marriage. The first step to this is us educating ourselves on the hardships faced by millions each year. Please watch the video below and share it with a friend. Subscribe to the organization’s email newsletter to find out what more you can do to take the threat out of the word “wedding” for all girls.