Time to harvest and continue planting

There’s much talk about the future, about tomorrow, and the international events that will take place in Brazil. But we forget to take notice that this is not that far ahead. They are consequences of a process that initiated some time ago, and that we are now finally harvesting the first fruits.

I’m talking about a shift in ideologies that started in the 70′s, when we wanted to be great utopians. In the 80′s, though, we saw that dreams could come true, yet we thought in short and individualistic terms. Today we, the youth, with all the external influences which we are surrounded by (this hyper connectivity which allows access to a lot of information), have the impression that the world is not as big as maps show, and that we unite with people from several places and countries; not to create tremendous projects, but to take a good look at our surroundings.

The youth has always been the start of many changes. In Brazil, for example, more than 8% of all teenagers already work at searching solutions to problems that exist in their communities; be it through a project, a cause, or an NGO. This percentage may seem low but when converted to numbers we are already 2 million engaged teenagers, 2 million teenagers who act as a bridge to unite people with the same objectives. 2 million teenagers making the difference.

I’ve recently added to this number, but we can still raise the percentage. We can look at our current situation and realize that we don’t have to wait for actions from others in order to have our problems solved. Sometimes, a simple attitude is all it takes to improve the life of others; after all, to be a true hero, we don’t need to have a cape nor underwear over our pants.

We can make the difference where we live. If each and everyone of us does a little, it won’t be such a heavy load for the few, and in the end we all benefit.