The Street Store: I consume therefore I exist?

Most of the time, shopping reveals our darkest masterialistic side as consumers, the side you are sometimes ashamed of, the side that urges you  to spend money in order to satisfy a need or rather a need created by a consumer society. Who has never been tempted by the latest digital product or a wonderful shirt (for the sole use of renewing your wardrobe)?

Well, the amazing Street Store concept will reconcile our materialistic side and our philanthropic one by combining shopping and donation.

Kayli Levitan and Maximilian Pazak have observed that in a strongly uneven society such as in South Africa, a lot of people would like to help and to make donations to the less privileged. However, they mostly don’t know where to take donations or are afraid of taking them to the hotspots considered unsafe in the city. Therefore, they decided, in collaboration with the NGO Haven Night Shelter and local actors, to create a pop up store.

This initiative helps the homeless by fulfilling an essential need: clothing. It also offers them the opportunity of choosing their own items. Street Store volunteers even offer fashion advice to their customers. So, by giving them the choice and recognizing them as common consumers, they find much more than clothes; they find dignity as an individual who is able to choose and to create his own style. Shopping frees them from their needs, and they exist by their choices.

I consume therefore I exist? It could rather be “I make a choice therefore I exist.” Let’s spread this inspiring concept in your own city!