New Door

Business isn’t just about profit. That is one of the mottos of one of San Francisco’s most exciting non-profits: New Door. New Door Ventures’ mission is simple: to prepare at-risk youth for work and life. Beginning as an organization focused on the homeless in 1981, New Door has refocused its energy into providing internships, job […]

Time to harvest and continue planting

There’s much talk about the future, about tomorrow, and the international events that will take place in Brazil. But we forget to take notice that this is not that far ahead. They are consequences of a process that initiated some time ago, and that we are now finally harvesting the first fruits. I’m talking about […]


Changing Lives in Chennai

My name is Nicole Guarino and I’m a dancer and also a member of the Scottish Dance Theatre. Through my work I have the privilege of traveling the world. During my tour in India I had the opportunity to visit a Christian NGO in Chennai called CMCT (Christian Missions Charitable Trust). Regardless of beliefs, I […]

Music for Africa’s Tomorrow

Inspired by a young boy, who despite the circumstances, kept singing throughout Uganda’s civil war in 1984, the human rights activist Ray Barnett decided to start the first African Children’s Choir to show the world all the beauty and talent of those boys and girls. Ray, along with some friends, started to promote positive changes […]