Los Angeles, Ice Teas and Angelina Jolie

It’s interesting how much attention volunteerism has gotten in the past few months. In a recent article published by CNN, Eva Vasquez asks if “celebs like [Angelina] Jolie inspire voluntourism?” She further explains the implications of the term “voluntourism,” which for those of you who have been following the project, it might bring memories of an article published about two months ago called “The Role of Profit Not For Profit.” Same concept. The difference however, regards how the topic was approached. Whereas one chose to focus on the social and personal implications of volunteerism, the other used the influence of celebrities to explore the subject matter. Not a matter of right or wrong per se, but rather a contrast of perspectives. Ultimately, Vasquez’ opening question does echo significant considerations.

The Wayside Chapel

Australia’s current economical reality significantly diverges from other far less developed nations; this is not to affirm that Australia does not have its own problems. Stronger economy brings a higher purchasing value of commodities. Some of these commodities however, can be detrimental, both to human beings and society (drugs being one of them). In fact, drug addiction does not derive from economical terms; we can observe similar issues in every other country. Addiction results rather as a social problem; and problems need solutions.

Orange Farm Anti AIDS Club

I never took any classes about the ethics of photography or film. Inevitably, I generally have a guilty feeling whenever entering a zone in which I am documenting the work of NGOs, as if I am invading such space – an outsider amidst the locals. This is precisely the moment when ethics play an important role. Is it ok to photograph and film places and people without their consent? I believe profit (and nonprofit) borderlines the answer. There is no profit involved in this project; yet, I generally refrain from documenting anything I do not have permission – otherwise the wrong impression might be bestowed.

Tatawor Association

The incredible work of Rotary International has always been a source of inspiration, and although I never had the opportunity to participate in a club meeting, I was invited by Mr. Samir Seikaly to join Amman club members in the 105th anniversary celebration of this international Organization. Rotary’s reputation far exceeds any words I might […]