The Role of Profit Not For Profit

During this journey, I came across the unique concept of “pay to volunteer.” It caught me off guard since I was not familiar with its implications. My immediate thought, “who would want to pay to work as opposed to getting paid for the work provided?” Maybe completely bombarded with capitalist ideals, I immediately attacked the organizations practicing such concept. Yet, after documenting the work of one of these institutions, the not-so-simple concept steered further thoughts.


Photos TETO

A very special day for People of Change: the filming of the documentary about TETO. Several memories and beautiful images. Check out the full album on our Facebook page. And don’t forget to come back to see the documentary about the organization. Coming soon…  

Volunteer Experience: Playa Las Tortugas

As we continue our path toward globalization, delineations, boundaries and demarcations of nations, gender roles, cultures and societies get increasingly blurred. Such occurrence has, in some cases, been the cause of confusion; but at other times, it can manifest itself in a more positive light. It can offer the world’s population a chance to unite and create shared values: values that can be the foundation of a healthier global civilization. It may not be an easy task but it’s a task worth taking. This might seem impossible at the global level but after seeing it take place in an isolated location this summer it made it possible for me to believe in such a change.