Cagdas Yasami Destekleme Dernegi (CYDD)

Short-documentary about Ça?da? Ya?am? Destekleme Derne?i (Association for Support of Contemporary Living) , one of the largest and most prestigious non-profit organizations in Turkey. The Association utilizes education to promote social development, in a society characterized by strict traditions and practices. (For slower internet connections, turn off the High Definition button – HD – on the right lower corner).

Tesekkürler, Turkey!

I, hereby, quote Alanis Morissette (with a minor geographical reallocation) to describe my current state of mind: thank you, Turkey. Besides these simple two words, how else can I describe this foreign country that once seemed so distant and exotic? Or rather, how can I simply describe the past two weeks? If I had to […]

Lessons Learned

Band-aids; here is something I should have added to my luggage: small yet functional. Although I got some comfortable shoes, I came to the conclusion that blisters are just inevitable – and band-aids the only relief. Obviously, I have not done many physical activities for the past four weeks; yet, walking compensates for such deficiency. […]

Çagdas Yasami Destekleme Dernegi

One of the duties of this project is to frequently check and edit the pictures before posting online. During randomly self-timed breaks, I often catch myself looking over old photos and further reminisce about the past. Among the most visited albums, anything related to college life is definitely a recurring subject. Indeed, college has been […]