Changing Lives in Chennai

My name is Nicole Guarino and I’m a dancer and also a member of the Scottish Dance Theatre. Through my work I have the privilege of traveling the world. During my tour in India I had the opportunity to visit a Christian NGO in Chennai called CMCT (Christian Missions Charitable Trust). Regardless of beliefs, I […]

Do What You Love & Help Along The Way

People living in underdeveloped countries die everyday from drinking contaminated water. To be more precise, every 15 seconds a child dies from a water-related disease. To many of us it is unimaginable not to be able to open the tap and not be able to drink clean water or even to have tap water! A […]

Out of Sight

A few months back, while visiting a national park in Brazil, I decided to do a demanding hike, which eventually led to a climb up a steep mountain. The trail is often listed as one of the most difficult in Brazil; consequentially, you’re not allowed to do it on your own without prior authorization or help from a guide. I decided to break the rules and do my own trail. I lied at the entrance gate saying I was only doing the most basic hike within the park. The officers granted permission and so I went.

Stories of Histories

In between histories and stories of men and women, histories were built and stories were made. From ancient times to future standards, men and women have left their marks and set their impressions. History is alive while stories carry on its legacy. My story, your history.