Peaceful Bangkok

Just a week ago, brutal political manifests conflicted with the peaceful Thai mentality and culture. Although peace might not be fully restored along the neighborhoods of Bangkok, the surrounding beauty soothes the soul of those longing for harmony. Let the pictures through your eyes.

Sea Level Imagery

Landscapes and seascapes captured in Koh Tao, Thailand. Deficient waste management, sewer treatment and ocean water temperatures were not included. Paradise cannot last forever otherwise. For more information, read post below.

Island Break

Just minutes after I finished writing the last article, a trip into the downtown area of Bangkok instantly brought feelings of deception. The pre-expected chaos had indeed taken over the entire city; yet, in a negatively twisted (politically charged) manner. Dense and dark smoke rising from in between buildings, empty and desolated streets, military tanks and brigades confirmed the seriousness of the conflicts. From night to day, the Red Shirts had managed to raise the intensity of the protests, causing Bangkok to lose its appeal – both personally and professionally.

Recorded Bangkok

Behind the scenes video filmed amidst the political protests in Sukhumvit, Bangkok. Although the place where I filmed looked relatively calm, just a couple miles up that same street, heavy military secluded the area from protesters. Since I did not feel comfortable filming at that location, check photos section for images. The video is also being […]