Change in Brazil: Culture

Over and over again, I’ve talked about social change and social development. Now that I’ve momentarily settled in Brazil it’s only fair I contextualize these concepts to my current perceptions. Just to be clear, I am not a pessimist, neither an overtly optimist. When it comes to reality, I rather stick with reason. There’s a full dose of optimism living within my dreams, but dreams are personal interpretations of reality. Among yours and mine, there’s a void filled with real essence.

Duties of An Internet Citizen

Putting restrictions and censorships aside, there’s an extensive array of information and content readily available on the Internet. Such information could definitely be used towards these positive changes. As Ayn Rand says in The Nature of Government, “the two great values to be gained from social existence are: knowledge and trade. Man is the only species that can transmit and expand his store of knowledge from generation to generation; the knowledge potentially available to man is greater than any one man could begin to acquire in his own lifespan; (…) The second great benefit is the division of labor: it enables a man to devote his effort to a particular field of work and to trade with others who specialize in other fields.” Hence, with the global reach of the Internet comes the responsibility of defining and trading the relevant knowledge – what truly matters for the sake of change. Yet, for a great portion of users, the Internet austerely equals entertainment. Despite the drastic differences between other forms of media, we can clearly see patterns of how the Internet is currently being used; and it doesn’t differ that greatly from other forms. There’s nothing wrong with our right of entertainment, as long as we are also exercising our duties as empowered citizens. The imperative question then becomes how to transform the overall consciousness and cause change in all its potential?

e-STATS: Symposium on Technologies for Social Action

Remember Fundacion Cibervoluntarios? They invited us to participate as a guest speaker in the upcoming event e-STAS “Symposium on Technologies for Social Action” in Malaga, Spain. The event is a meeting point of all those who work to make new technologies a tool for social inclusion and innovation, a real working space for the promotion […]