Spanish Liberation

Ideas and thoughts do not have appropriate sleeping patterns; at least, not in my case. Rather, they come and go at any given moment, and the darkness and calmness of the night seems to usually attract the better ones. Last night, I found myself once again embarking on a perpetual fight between mental stimulation versus […]

Pictures of Change

I have added a new gadget on the right column called “Recent Photos.” I have been posting pictures on Flickr and you can easily access it by clicking on any of the pictures. Moreover, these photos are also separated by Travel or Project related. Although a text will usually accompany these links, the photos are […]

Current Recap

Life on the road has been busier than I previously thought it would be. Past Saturday, I took a train and headed to my friend Andre’s house in Sitges – located close to Barcelona. Although we stayed mostly indoors due to the rainy weather, we did venture ourselves to a surf session in the Mediterranean. […]