Music for Africa’s Tomorrow

Inspired by a young boy, who despite the circumstances, kept singing throughout Uganda’s civil war in 1984, the human rights activist Ray Barnett decided to start the first African Children’s Choir to show the world all the beauty and talent of those boys and girls. Ray, along with some friends, started to promote positive changes […]

Humanizing Cyclists

With increasing problems of transportation in major urban centers, bicycles have become an alternative for many. Either a conscious choice of sustainable transportation or the “only” alternative of transportation for many, its importance has been outshined by other means. In several cities, for example, common are the accidents involving drivers and cyclists, usually resulting in […]

Orange Farm Anti AIDS Club

I never took any classes about the ethics of photography or film. Inevitably, I generally have a guilty feeling whenever entering a zone in which I am documenting the work of NGOs, as if I am invading such space – an outsider amidst the locals. This is precisely the moment when ethics play an important role. Is it ok to photograph and film places and people without their consent? I believe profit (and nonprofit) borderlines the answer. There is no profit involved in this project; yet, I generally refrain from documenting anything I do not have permission – otherwise the wrong impression might be bestowed.