The True Cost of the World Cup

The 2014 World Cup in Brazil is quickly approaching, and with it also comes excitement and controversy. But, have you heard any news of the 2022 World Cup in Qatar? It might seem too soon, but the violations of human rights have already been set in motion. In September of 2013 The Guardian had a special […]

POC Originals :: Gastromotiva

It’s only 9 minutes long, but the lesson remains for an entire life. That’s how we can summarize our new documentary about Gastromotiva, very well represented by one of its apprentices, Rauny. Our special thanks to everyone involved and in particular to Rauny, for sharing a bit of his life with us! We hope you […]


Modern Hero Manifesto

I choose to believe this project ultimately helps people. And it might make me a good person, but it does not make me a better person. These are times of superlatives. Thinner, prettier, smarter, richer and better are modern standards of superiority – creating eventual inferiority complexes. Long were the days of equality (if such […]

Video Games and Social Change

Video games, humanitarian actions, social change and development – apparently, there isn’t any connection among them, right? Wrong. On the occasion of the World Water day, which takes place every 22 of March, a mobile game, promoted by the United Nations, was launched. When I was invited to a UN conference at my university, about […]