POC Originals :: Gastromotiva

It’s only 9 minutes long, but the lesson remains for an entire life. That’s how we can summarize our new documentary about Gastromotiva, very well represented by one of its apprentices, Rauny. Our special thanks to everyone involved and in particular to Rauny, for sharing a bit of his life with us! We hope you […]


Portraits “TETO”

To work closely with the NGO “Um Teto Para Meu País – TETO” (A Roof For My Country) was a unique experience for the entire POC team. Young college students, who could be doing other things on a rainy weekend, decided to make good use of their time and demonstrate their compassion for their neighbors. During […]

Pimp My Carroça

Be it whichever city in Latin America, it’s quite probable you’ve already come across one of them… They carry a cart (in Portuguese “carroça”), in which they collect garbage that they later recycle in exchange for a reimbursement (and usually their work isn’t well seen). They are the garbage pickers. Such “extra official” activity is […]

Sonhar Acordado

Portraits “Sonhar Acordado”

Last month we filmed our first documentary in São Paulo. We chose the NGO Sonhar Acordado (Dreaming Awaken), an international non-profit organization, which works together with institutions, orphanages, centers and hospitals, trying to change the lives of underprivileged children through strong friendships with young volunteers. The experience was something to remember; just like it had […]