Another Introspective Ending

Just about three days ago I had a dream in which I was fighting evil. It was a rather consuming nightmare for it took me several attempts (and an entire night) to completely defeat it. Evil was metaphorically represented by darkness; and my secret weapon was a bright light coming from within. I believe it […]

Theory of a Plan

It has been a while – such a lazy opening cliché! But indeed, it has been a while. I had different expectations and I thought I would ovulate something original every week – just another plan amidst countless others. However, after moving back to my parent’s house, two incongruous side effects became apparent: mental lethargy […]

The Ending of a Beginning

If all good things truly came to an ending, life would just be a boring, self-absorbed, ungrateful portion of time. I question myself, therefore, if endings actually exist. In a society defined by hours, timetables, seconds and deadlines, we have become so used to classifying our daily lives as one gigantic schedule: we wake up […]