Passenger Life (Layover)

You walk, you fly, you run, you sail, you travel; in life, we are all just passengers. Where to stop, when to continue, how to enjoy the stay: the intensity of the ride is exclusive to each individual. Amidst such maze of paths and possibilities, the final destination becomes a distant contemplation for those focused on the journey; and the precise certainty of such imminent arrival maintains our wondering heads above our moving feet.


It’s that time again: allowing my heart to speak louder than my mind. It is challenging exposing your inner feelings in such public way but ultimately I feel disappointed. And the current lack of familiar faces around makes me resort to you. Disappointed because I am trying to put this entire project together and every […]

Current Recap

Life on the road has been busier than I previously thought it would be. Past Saturday, I took a train and headed to my friend Andre’s house in Sitges – located close to Barcelona. Although we stayed mostly indoors due to the rainy weather, we did venture ourselves to a surf session in the Mediterranean. […]

Full-Hearted Goodbyes

I ‘m not going to lie: I am a bit apprehensive. I was supposed to be leaving yesterday, January 19. Indeed by now, I should already be in Spain. But as already discussed, changes are just as certain as the actual plans themselves. I had a period of one-month to obtain four different visas. I […]