Staring At Clouds

Cannot blame on other people, neither myself; this time around, technology imposed an unforeseen obstacle. The computer used to edit all videos crashed due to a chronic “kernel panic” symptom. Telephone diagnosis and email suggestions, details are mere hypothesis; two weeks since it was first taken in for repair, recovery has yet to be attained. Without technology, we are left staring at clouds.

Project Map

To add extra navigability to the website, a map of the journey was created. Although it currently only includes photos, browse around through visited locations and find the precise coordinates. Enjoy the trip!

Californian Bubbles

Perfect sunsets, arid flowers, princesses and cartoons, colorful parades: amidst such excessive doses of eye candy, we forget life exists outside the bubble. Breakthrough.

Night Pixels

Mysterious, edgy, reflexive: silent qualities of the nighttime. From the light prevails the lack; the consequential darkness shapes the clarity. Shadows, pathways, signals: constant changes of the nighttime. The vacant land exposed under murky skies; shelters hidden through the horizon. Lights shine the black and grey; come the day, the nighttime never fades.