The Point of View of a “Zmagriya”

The call to prayer sounds in the city, countless voices of the muezzins mingle with the din of daily life. That’s it, I’m back in Morroco – the “bled”, as they say, after two years of absence. They call me little “Zmagriya,” literally translated as “those who have fled poverty,” which is not my case. […]

The Role of Profit Not For Profit

During this journey, I came across the unique concept of “pay to volunteer.” It caught me off guard since I was not familiar with its implications. My immediate thought, “who would want to pay to work as opposed to getting paid for the work provided?” Maybe completely bombarded with capitalist ideals, I immediately attacked the organizations practicing such concept. Yet, after documenting the work of one of these institutions, the not-so-simple concept steered further thoughts.


Quarterly News :: June 2013

Yes, we are already over with the first half of 2013! It’s scary to think that six months have already gone by; and luckily, much has happened during this time. Let’s share the news! Our team continues to grow. In this past three months, three new volunteers joined People of Change. Heather Harrison, who is […]


Modern Hero Manifesto

I choose to believe this project ultimately helps people. And it might make me a good person, but it does not make me a better person. These are times of superlatives. Thinner, prettier, smarter, richer and better are modern standards of superiority – creating eventual inferiority complexes. Long were the days of equality (if such […]