The Wayside Chapel

Australia’s current economical reality significantly diverges from other far less developed nations; this is not to affirm that Australia does not have its own problems. Stronger economy brings a higher purchasing value of commodities. Some of these commodities however, can be detrimental, both to human beings and society (drugs being one of them). In fact, drug addiction does not derive from economical terms; we can observe similar issues in every other country. Addiction results rather as a social problem; and problems need solutions.

Possibilities of the Mind

Surf culture dominates the atmosphere around the island; Bali epitomizes surf and surfers dream of Bali. After a four-month dry spell, the anticipated aquatic return had to occur. Despite the general discomfort, a surf session in surf paradise seemed an option to cure the body. After over three hours within cool ocean waters, the shivers became too strong to fight off. And so I surfed one final wave onto warmer sheets.

Limitations of the Body

One can be infinitely good willed; yet, the completion of each envisioned deed can only be sustained through a healthy body (and mind). First major downfall of the journey, in the prospect of five months, one consuming sickness seems rather an optimistic outcome. An unexpected dengue fever diagnosis surely confirmed the severity of acute discomfort, and despite the eventual schedule pushback, under such circumstances, the mind lost control over the body.

People of Change Opened to Contributors

Several people have been inquiring in the past few weeks how they can assist the project; and I believe a fair resolution would be to open the website to contributors. Depending on the outcome, a specific tab will be created to include all the new guest-generated media. Hence, if you have articles, photos or videos about the work of non-governmental organizations, or simply want to share your opinion on certain subjects, feel free to contact “People of Change.” It is not guaranteed all documents will be published, but if it fits within the principles of the project, there should not be any reasons for denial.