First World Problems

I’d like to introduce the above video by first mentioning another video; I’m sure many of you have had the opportunity to watch this. I, along with millions of other people, laughed out loud as the video pokes fun of first world citizens and their daily melodrama. And yet, part way through the laugh, I […]

Volunteer Experience: Playa Las Tortugas

As we continue our path toward globalization, delineations, boundaries and demarcations of nations, gender roles, cultures and societies get increasingly blurred. Such occurrence has, in some cases, been the cause of confusion; but at other times, it can manifest itself in a more positive light. It can offer the world’s population a chance to unite and create shared values: values that can be the foundation of a healthier global civilization. It may not be an easy task but it’s a task worth taking. This might seem impossible at the global level but after seeing it take place in an isolated location this summer it made it possible for me to believe in such a change.

Cagdas Yasami Destekleme Dernegi (CYDD)

Short-documentary about Ça?da? Ya?am? Destekleme Derne?i (Association for Support of Contemporary Living) , one of the largest and most prestigious non-profit organizations in Turkey. The Association utilizes education to promote social development, in a society characterized by strict traditions and practices. (For slower internet connections, turn off the High Definition button – HD – on the right lower corner).

Social Change In The Name Of Development (Questions)

In the territory of non-profit organizations, social change and social development have obtained rather progressive connotations; yet, while assembling the footage from Turkey into coherent forms, the specific implications of change and development pulled the puzzle pieces further apart. In the prospect of change, one must assume a differentiation occurs (either progressive or regressive) through time; “social” characterizes the type of change: behaviors, traditions, and beliefs. Social development, on the other hand, possesses the physicality of indication: buildings, schools, and roads – an increased utilization of human resources through time. Social development affects social change, as well as social change influences social development. Such affirmation, however, cannot be discussed outside the context of one major question: is this precise association and dependence on one another righteously progressive?