Out of Sight

A few months back, while visiting a national park in Brazil, I decided to do a demanding hike, which eventually led to a climb up a steep mountain. The trail is often listed as one of the most difficult in Brazil; consequentially, you’re not allowed to do it on your own without prior authorization or help from a guide. I decided to break the rules and do my own trail. I lied at the entrance gate saying I was only doing the most basic hike within the park. The officers granted permission and so I went.

Human Nature

The nature of nature is freedom. Human nature thrives on freedom. Leaves moving rocks, water shaping stones, paths eternally unknown. On solid pavements we’ve built our freedom. The more we expand our nature, the less nature survives our human. The more we seek our freedom, the less freedom finds our nature. Human paradox in its […]

Staring At Clouds

Cannot blame on other people, neither myself; this time around, technology imposed an unforeseen obstacle. The computer used to edit all videos crashed due to a chronic “kernel panic” symptom. Telephone diagnosis and email suggestions, details are mere hypothesis; two weeks since it was first taken in for repair, recovery has yet to be attained. Without technology, we are left staring at clouds.