Intuitive Departure

Intuition – here is one crucial aspect of life that must be dealt with trust. Although I consider myself friendly, I do not generally start conversations with strangers in particular places (such as restaurants). Yet, one morning, while still in Johannesburg, a strong internal feeling enthused a force to approach two women sitting at a table next to mine. Turns out, they had just returned from volunteering for the Elephant – Human Relations Aid Organization – and because of such forthcoming conversation, I obtained the necessary information to contact the institution.

Elephant Encounter

Who would have thought I would have to come all the way to Namibia to learn how to drive stick shift? Since I first obtained my driver’s license, I had only driven a manual transmission car in one occasion – over five years ago. In order to document the work of a local organization, I had to drive to their headquarters. Turns out in Namibia, rental automatic cars are double the price of manual transmission; hence, I decided to take up the challenge. In this perpetual pursuit of achievements, such ephemeral obstacle would not impede the concretization of another goal.

Surrounding Windhoek

Windhoek is a relatively small capital. After only four days, familiarity undertones any walk along the downtown area streets. The total population is estimated to be over 300,000 – relatively less populous than most major urban areas in Africa. The downtown area and its surrounding neighborhoods concentrate the financial and industrial districts. Most of the hotels and guesthouses are also situated within this central area, and modern buildings and elegant houses provide a pleasant backdrop for walks and eventual cab rides.