“It’s Peace That We Preach”

The sound of a united World, where different people, religions and cultures shall co-exist harmonically without hate and discrimination is getting louder and louder. Every day, thousands of manifestations are made in the most diverse ways. Music and, more recently, videos are being used as powerful tools to spread ideas and new concepts. Change We […]

Music for Africa’s Tomorrow

Inspired by a young boy, who despite the circumstances, kept singing throughout Uganda’s civil war in 1984, the human rights activist Ray Barnett decided to start the first African Children’s Choir to show the world all the beauty and talent of those boys and girls. Ray, along with some friends, started to promote positive changes […]

We Want a Gig!

In an increasingly connected world, there’s a tendency towards the globalization of ideas and mixture of cultures. This is an extremely important phenomenon, but, as a natural consequence, there’s also a weakening effect to some regional and cultural elements. This is no exception to music. Some friends, led by Timothy Duffy, in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, […]

The Soundtrack of Reuse

Putting together a few pieces of plastic, wood, metals and other materials, normally thrown away, and transform it into music is a very creative and accessible form of art. This is a solution that blends social and environmental responsibility, with the encouragement of culture and intellectual development for the participants. The project Tambor Falante (in english, […]