The Deaf will Rock You!

The perception of the disabled community has somewhat changed through films released in the past few years. From the French comedy-drama film The Intouchables (nominated for eight César Awards in 2012), which tells the story of a rich man who becomes quadriplegic from a paragliding accident, and decides to hire a young man from the projects to […]

Sing for Hope

Music serves to inspire and to unite. What better city to see the effects of this phenomenon than in the diverse, populous city of New York? Fostering unity and collaboration in a diverse community was the driving force behind the creation of Sing for Hope, a non-profit organization started in New York in 2006. Created […]

Music, Activism and Change

A couple of months ago, I was told about a movie called “Sarabah”, which has received several awards around the world. Well, I waited to share the documentary until now because I thought there was no better moment to write about it than just a few days after the International Women’s Day. As seen in […]

Recycled Hope

First came the idea of creating a music program for kids. Fortunately, the program grew more than what the creators expected. Then, as usual, when in need, men are able to bring up creative solutions using all resources available, even when they’re just in the middle of a landfill. This is the background of the […]