People of Change Opened to Contributors

Several people have been inquiring in the past few weeks how they can assist the project; and I believe a fair resolution would be to open the website to contributors. Depending on the outcome, a specific tab will be created to include all the new guest-generated media. Hence, if you have articles, photos or videos about the work of non-governmental organizations, or simply want to share your opinion on certain subjects, feel free to contact “People of Change.” It is not guaranteed all documents will be published, but if it fits within the principles of the project, there should not be any reasons for denial.

Restating “The Project”

The focus of the project has changed. Not for worse or better, the overwhelming influx of ideas and perspectives has altered the basic principles of People of Change. Much knowledge has been gained along the way, and the application of these ideas towards the benefit of the project ensues rather naturally. Let’s discuss change.

Fundacion Cibervoluntarios

The Internet has proved to be one of the greatest partners along this journey. Besides providing instant communication with family, friends and the entire world community, it has permitted the dispersion of this project’s ideals. Indeed, if such communication medium had not existed, most of the information obtained through this journey would remain archived in […]