Burundi #04 – Musical Masango

The convent was centrally located in Masango; hence, the population would often walk long miles to reach its close proximities (schools, hospital and church). And as soon as I stepped out of the gate, children, young men and older women would often solicit either money or clothing. Yet, the Sisters advised me not to provide […]

Burundi #03 – New Found Habitat

Life in Masango starts early; or rather ends early, depending on one’s previous habits. At six o’clock sharp, the church bells announce the beginning of a new day – and a thirty-minute warning for the population to prepare for the six-thirty mass. Most of the population is devout Protestants; hence, mass attendance is highly expected […]

Burundi #02 – Make History

Filming in a remote underprivileged village in Burundi has uncountable benefits; yet, the prospect also presents several challenges. Firstly, the local (and older) population is rather suspicious of such activity; hence, devious eyes and incomprehensible pronunciations are some of the reactions obtained. Obviously, boundaries should not be crossed and their wishes (although never fully expressed) […]

Burundi #01 – The Walk Begins

Since the start of the project, I have been blessed with incredible experiences and chances. Yet, Burundi has offered the opportunity to personally evidence the immensurable disparity among developed nations and underdeveloped countries. I never quite understood the first, third and even fourth world country classification, and although I have always disagreed with the terminology, […]