Static Navigation

Memories of once familiar streets, faces and feelings have abruptly left the imaginary spectrum and invaded a consciously elapsed reality. Just about one year ago, I had left habitual lands in search of ordinary grounds. Along the way, novel streets, faces and feelings changed personal perceptions of surrounding landscapes. Being away brought one inevitable realization: these once familiar landscapes have remained unaltered; but when change comes from within, no streets, faces and feelings remain unmoved.

Passenger Life (Arrival)

I expected to film in Chile – another never accomplished expectation. From the beginning, there were indeed several anticipations. In all ingenuity, I thought once the documentation started, access and view numbers would skyrocket, frequent comments would steer the project towards the correct decisions, and supporters would contribute with personal costs. None of these expectations were ever reached, and disappointment certainly made the reality harder to acknowledge. It took months to realize, but the mentality had to be changed if pre-established goals were ever to be achieved. One inevitable question cleared the truth: who rather than what.

Passenger Life (Layover)

You walk, you fly, you run, you sail, you travel; in life, we are all just passengers. Where to stop, when to continue, how to enjoy the stay: the intensity of the ride is exclusive to each individual. Amidst such maze of paths and possibilities, the final destination becomes a distant contemplation for those focused on the journey; and the precise certainty of such imminent arrival maintains our wondering heads above our moving feet.

Power Walk

Right upon arrival in La Serena, initial suspicions were confirmed; one cannot stand motionless in the quest for objectives. Opportunities come and go for those who nurture the occasions. While I struggled to understand the functionality of the local taxi system, two teenagers approached and asked whether I needed assistance. I detailed the situation and they offered to walk me to the proper taxi stand; I agreed. Halfway there, they said the hostel was located within walking distance, and they could further accompany me. I immediately suspected from their good intentions. It was obvious I was carrying film equipment, and the prospect of being escorted by two teenagers in the middle of the night amidst unknown streets seemed indeed suspicious.