Modern Hero Manifesto

I choose to believe this project ultimately helps people. And it might make me a good person, but it does not make me a better person. These are times of superlatives. Thinner, prettier, smarter, richer and better are modern standards of superiority – creating eventual inferiority complexes. Long were the days of equality (if such […]

Out of Sight

A few months back, while visiting a national park in Brazil, I decided to do a demanding hike, which eventually led to a climb up a steep mountain. The trail is often listed as one of the most difficult in Brazil; consequentially, you’re not allowed to do it on your own without prior authorization or help from a guide. I decided to break the rules and do my own trail. I lied at the entrance gate saying I was only doing the most basic hike within the park. The officers granted permission and so I went.


Yearends are allegedly a suitable period to reminisce and prophesize. We base our time according to hours, days, months, decades. Time never ends; yet, we need conclusions, we need to pace our lives. Achievements and failures all fall into this mindful schedule. Yearend after yearend, calendar pages must be turned. Memories permit the transition, inevitably […]

Anatomy of Opportunities

Buddhist philosophy claims we have complete control over the self. In fact, the basic idea of “self,” commonly thought of as the “soul” does not exist in the philosophy. Being brought up under different beliefs, the claim does come as a clash. The reluctance to entirely accept such principle has at its core two basic beliefs.