Petra and Dead Sea Highlights

It has been four days since the last post and there is already enough information for several entries. However, I just recently added extra photos to the website from my recent visit to Petra and the Dead Sea this past weekend. So, I will focus on tourism before switching over to more relevant subjects. First […]

Say, Amman?

Another safe flight, and yet another immediate reaction to the sudden setting change. Lebanon was the original destination among Middle Eastern countries; however, due to the lack of “One World” flights from Istanbul to Beirut, I opted for Jordan. And so far, Jordan has far exceeded my expectations. This whole article is about first reactions; […]

Tesekkürler, Turkey!

I, hereby, quote Alanis Morissette (with a minor geographical reallocation) to describe my current state of mind: thank you, Turkey. Besides these simple two words, how else can I describe this foreign country that once seemed so distant and exotic? Or rather, how can I simply describe the past two weeks? If I had to […]