Selco: Towards a New Sustainable Energy Model

For the electricity-starved Indians that live in slums, solar energy has never been a realistic option. Not only is it expensive, but very few people know how it even works. We know it’s a clean energy. We know that the world is going through major climate change. But what about the people living in the […]

Clean Talk

I am ALWAYS on my cell phone. And judging by the great commotion the new iPhone 5 created, I’m not alone. For me, the cell phone is a great tool that helps me in my professional life as well as my social life. Without it I’m lost! The benefits are easily apparent that stopping to ask […]

Homemade Renewable Energy

One of the common problems in many developing countries is the lack of proper infrastructure, especially electricity. According to the International Energy Agency, through its annual World Energy Outlook report, in 2010, there were 1.5 billion people who had no access to electricity, 80 percent of whom live in South Asia and Sub-Saharan Africa. The […]