Who’s the Man?

The gender issue seems like a tale as old as time, yet its presence is still grievously palpable. Luckily, there are men that are helping to eradicate such a reductive social paradigm. Take Arunachalam Muruganantham (AKA Menstrual Man), for example. He started a sanitary napkin revolution in a country where speaking of such “dirty things” […]


Child sponsorship programs have proponents and opponents, something which I was not aware of when I began sponsoring Siba in India 7 years ago. Siba lives in the rural community of Gajal, approximately 250 miles from Calcutta. He lives with his mother, a single parent who sometimes is able to find work on farms. To […]

Let Girls Choose

As evidenced by the video about The Girl Effect seen above, childhood marriage has been a hot topic in the media lately – and rightly so, I might add. Yet, underage marriage has been a painful reality throughout all of human history. Childhood marriage has been a part of a history that sees people as economic […]


Changing Lives in Chennai

My name is Nicole Guarino and I’m a dancer and also a member of the Scottish Dance Theatre. Through my work I have the privilege of traveling the world. During my tour in India I had the opportunity to visit a Christian NGO in Chennai called CMCT (Christian Missions Charitable Trust). Regardless of beliefs, I […]