Handshakes in Africa can last for an entire conversation. At first impression, the sensation of having hands connected throughout minutes of interaction seemed rather awkward. After traveling around the African continent for almost three months, such bonding tradition got under my skin; and the circle of perspectives has reached a completion point.


Routine and traveling do not necessarily fit in the same category. Yet, packing is just another activity that routinely ensues for those constantly on the go.  And after 2 months, familiarity became the undertone of such practice. If it once involved one hour to put it all together, now garments can easily be fitted inside […]

Sinai Ascension

Inspiration. How can I be struggling to find inspiration after all I have seen and experienced in the past couple days? Perhaps a bit affected by the hectic schedule, every single moment has proved to be a rather life altering experience. This past week I visited some remaining sites around Cairo: Coptic Cairo, Islamic Cairo […]

Ad Infinitum

After about a month of time expenditure and dedication, the new project website is finalized. Although there will be some adjustments occurring within the next two weeks (call it an adaptation period), the overall design has finally achieved completion. The work put into the making of the website has pushed the project behind schedule – […]