A Room to Read

International Literacy Day, celebrated on September 8, was first established by UNESCO in 1966. Forty-seven years later, the social issue of illiteracy still affects over 775 million people in the world. One in five adults has difficulty reading. This lack of a basic education prevents individuals, families, and communities from rising out of poverty. Room […]

Let Girls Choose

As evidenced by the video about The Girl Effect seen above, childhood marriage has been a hot topic in the media lately – and rightly so, I might add. Yet, underage marriage has been a painful reality throughout all of human history. Childhood marriage has been a part of a history that sees people as economic […]

Do Something…

We live in a constant hurry; we think we don’t have time for anything, least of all to dedicate to other people. We think that without money it’s impossible to help out and impossible to create a project. But I believe that things aren’t necessarily like this! Anyone can do it. For example, People of Change originated […]

Bamboo School

The name is almost self-explanatory: build a bamboo school! But where? And why? The answers to these questions are what make Bamboo School a special project. It all started when the journalist Vinícius Zanotti traveled to Liberia in West Africa, in 2010. He planned to stay only 15 days but contracted malaria and had to stay longer. […]