20 Day Stranger

One of the greatest things of recent technologies (especially the internet) is its power to bring people together. Some people might argue for the contrary, but if created for the right purposes, technology can be used to serve the people; not the other way around. From cell phones to computers, tablets to smart TVs, these mediums […]

World Cultural Diversity Day

Every month, we celebrate a different date here at People of Change. According to our calendar, this month we have the World Cultural Diversity Day, on May 21st. Despite our increasing connection, the world continues to be multifaceted – and we hope it continues that way. We ourselves are a team composed of volunteers from […]


There’s Something Wrong…

There’s something wrong. I don’t know what but there’s something. It could be me, it could be everyone, it could be nobody. I’ve had the opportunity to travel a lot. At least for someone my age I know I’ve hit the road quite often. So many realities, so much beauty in all the differences. Adapting […]

Los Angeles, Ice Teas and Angelina Jolie

It’s interesting how much attention volunteerism has gotten in the past few months. In a recent article published by CNN, Eva Vasquez asks if “celebs like [Angelina] Jolie inspire voluntourism?” She further explains the implications of the term “voluntourism,” which for those of you who have been following the project, it might bring memories of an article published about two months ago called “The Role of Profit Not For Profit.” Same concept. The difference however, regards how the topic was approached. Whereas one chose to focus on the social and personal implications of volunteerism, the other used the influence of celebrities to explore the subject matter. Not a matter of right or wrong per se, but rather a contrast of perspectives. Ultimately, Vasquez’ opening question does echo significant considerations.