Elephant Encounter

Who would have thought I would have to come all the way to Namibia to learn how to drive stick shift? Since I first obtained my driver’s license, I had only driven a manual transmission car in one occasion – over five years ago. In order to document the work of a local organization, I had to drive to their headquarters. Turns out in Namibia, rental automatic cars are double the price of manual transmission; hence, I decided to take up the challenge. In this perpetual pursuit of achievements, such ephemeral obstacle would not impede the concretization of another goal.

De-Nile Prospect

Travel tip: always double-check the location of the hotel before confirming the reservation. I wanted to get a couple days of proper resting during the weekend and booked a decent priced hotel; turns out there is a reason for the price difference (much cheaper than the average). The hotel is located one hour away from […]

Laklãnõ Community: Indigenous Infusion and Cultural Confusion

I just recently visited the indigenous reserve of Laklãnõ, located in the Southern Brazilian city of Jose Boiteux, Santa Catarina State. The reason for such visit was to accompany four agents that work for the “Projeto Piava.” The word “Piava” signifies a fish particular to the rivers of this area; moreover, its existence is directly […]