Valle de Energy

Religious symbols and iconic images are granted elements of Chilean architecture. In Valle de Elqui, the symbolism represents more than just visual elements. Hard to capture through quick light exposures, the atmosphere bursts with power. See the feeling and digest the energy.

Power Walk

Right upon arrival in La Serena, initial suspicions were confirmed; one cannot stand motionless in the quest for objectives. Opportunities come and go for those who nurture the occasions. While I struggled to understand the functionality of the local taxi system, two teenagers approached and asked whether I needed assistance. I detailed the situation and they offered to walk me to the proper taxi stand; I agreed. Halfway there, they said the hostel was located within walking distance, and they could further accompany me. I immediately suspected from their good intentions. It was obvious I was carrying film equipment, and the prospect of being escorted by two teenagers in the middle of the night amidst unknown streets seemed indeed suspicious.

Weather Talk

Another continent and one country nearer to encircling the globe. Back to familiar grounds, this second visit to Chile comes under different circumstances. The recent Earthquake seemed an interesting topic to explore; yet after several emails and no responses, I landed in Chile without any solid contacts. After talking with some friends, recommendations surged from left to right. Within a week period and two meetings later, the project was back within concrete paths.