The Point of View of a “Zmagriya”

The call to prayer sounds in the city, countless voices of the muezzins mingle with the din of daily life. That’s it, I’m back in Morroco – the “bled”, as they say, after two years of absence. They call me little “Zmagriya,” literally translated as “those who have fled poverty,” which is not my case. […]

NGO "Cidades Sem Fome"

Portraits “Cidades Sem Fome”

People of Change was born with the objective of showing the work of those who make a difference. We’re sure there are several people in all corners of the world, including in urban gardens in the middle of São Paulo! Sounds interesting, right? For us, working with the team of Cidades Sem Fome [Cities Without […]

50 People, 1 Question

When we think of people who promote changes, it seems that our inclination is to always imagine someone involved in a third sector project, determined to build homes or to end hunger in the whole world. That is part of the change, as we see with our partners, and it’s an important part, but not exclusive. […]

POC Interviews :: Gunnar Garfors

Traveling has always been a passion of mine. No matter what plans I come up with, I always try to include some sort of traveling (that’s part of how People of Change came to be what it is). It’s no wonder then that whenever something related to traveling pops up on my timeline, I have […]