Once upon a time…

“Once upon a time…” These words spontaneously evoke our childhood. We listened attentively to these stories, sometimes even falling asleep quietly, that deeply shaped our perception of the world and our interpretation of social norms, affecting the way we imagined new worlds and adventures. Though in most societies the written tradition has the monopoly of […]

New Door

Business isn’t just about profit. That is one of the mottos of one of San Francisco’s most exciting non-profits: New Door. New Door Ventures’ mission is simple: to prepare at-risk youth for work and life. Beginning as an organization focused on the homeless in 1981, New Door has refocused its energy into providing internships, job […]

Renata Quintella’s Journey

What can I do for you? Right now. The original proposal includes “right now” in the question, but being that it comes highlighted, it becomes more of an affirmation than a question. And this is the proposal in Renata Quintella’s Journey. Do something for someone. Right now. And it’s simple. That’s it. One day, Renata […]