The 25-Kilometer Change

In one side of the spectrum we have those (including myself) who enjoy the benefits of our modern world; on the other side, we encounter those who stand motionless waiting for their change. In between, a 25-kilometer walk

Video Premiere

The Rotary Club Orta San Giulio is hosting a fundraising event this coming Saturday (June, 11th) for their projects in Masango, Burundi. During the event, they will also be premiering the “People of Change – Rotary Orta San Giulio” documentary, which will be posted on the website early next week. If you happen to be in Northern Italy, here’s the suggestion for a profitable Saturday.

Burundi #05 – The Walk Continues

Arrival in Burundi was accompanied by a single piece of information: an Italian nun named Sister Celina would reception me at the airport, and further provide transportation to Masango. Besides that, a solid phone number, a specific address or even a plan B for that matter, were not available. After having checked several embassies alerting […]