POC Originals :: Gastromotiva

It’s only 9 minutes long, but the lesson remains for an entire life. That’s how we can summarize our new documentary about Gastromotiva, very well represented by one of its apprentices, Rauny. Our special thanks to everyone involved and in particular to Rauny, for sharing a bit of his life with us! We hope you […]

7 Reasons to Go to The Streets

Many people are already aware that the protests in Brazil go beyond the .20-cent increase in bus fares. Although at times I use public transportation, I am lucky enough to live and work in the same neighborhood. My bicycle has become the main means of transportation, and for longer trips, I still use my car. […]

ONG "Gastromotiva"

Portraits “Gastromotiva”

Just recently, our crew went out for an entire day of filming for our next documentary. After many suggestions and much research, we chose the NGO Gastromotiva to be part of People of Change. And for this next documentary, we decided to bring something different: spend an entire day with our character. After spending the […]