Music, Activism and Change

A couple of months ago, I was told about a movie called “Sarabah”, which has received several awards around the world. Well, I waited to share the documentary until now because I thought there was no better moment to write about it than just a few days after the International Women’s Day. As seen in […]

Do Something…

We live in a constant hurry; we think we don’t have time for anything, least of all to dedicate to other people. We think that without money it’s impossible to help out and impossible to create a project. But I believe that things aren’t necessarily like this! Anyone can do it. For example, People of Change originated […]

“It’s Peace That We Preach”

The sound of a united World, where different people, religions and cultures shall co-exist harmonically without hate and discrimination is getting louder and louder. Every day, thousands of manifestations are made in the most diverse ways. Music and, more recently, videos are being used as powerful tools to spread ideas and new concepts. Change We […]

Bamboo School

The name is almost self-explanatory: build a bamboo school! But where? And why? The answers to these questions are what make Bamboo School a special project. It all started when the journalist Vinícius Zanotti traveled to Liberia in West Africa, in 2010. He planned to stay only 15 days but contracted malaria and had to stay longer. […]