Sing for Hope

Music serves to inspire and to unite. What better city to see the effects of this phenomenon than in the diverse, populous city of New York? Fostering unity and collaboration in a diverse community was the driving force behind the creation of Sing for Hope, a non-profit organization started in New York in 2006. Created by best friends and internationally acclaimed sopranos Camille Zamora and Monica Yunus, the organization also seeks to engage communities in appreciating the arts, as well as bring together established artists to serve the public.

From June 1-16, the organization held its third year of Sing for Hope Pianos. During these annual events, the organization scatters 88 pianos throughout the streets of New York, each uniquely designed by a volunteer artist. Anyone who comes across a piano is encouraged to play. The goal of the project is to create unpredictable, magical moments of coming-together between people in their communities. Each piano is tended over the two-week plus span by a neighborhood or community association, who volunteer their time to protect the piano from inclement weather. For the first time in 2013, at the culmination of the sixteen days, the pianos will be brought together at Lincoln Center for a series of outdoor concerts. After this wonderful celebration of art, music, and community, the pianos will be donated to schools, hospitals, and community centers.

Over the last three years, the project has received high acclaim and appreciation and has blossomed into an inspirational and innovative way for the people of one of the world’s most diverse cities to find common ground in their love for music. The beauty of this project is that it came from the shared passion of two friends, demonstrating how the world can benefit from just a few people following their dream.