Renata Quintella’s Journey

What can I do for you? Right now. The original proposal includes “right now” in the question, but being that it comes highlighted, it becomes more of an affirmation than a question. And this is the proposal in Renata Quintella’s Journey. Do something for someone. Right now.

And it’s simple. That’s it. One day, Renata decided to go out to the streets and ask people: “What can I do for you RIGHT NOW?” Many times it’s a hug. Sometimes it’s only lending an ear to someone. Others might need direction in finding an institution or organization that can help the person.

In the video The Journey (“A Jornada”, in Portuguese), Renata affirms that she doesn’t intend to change the life of anyone. Yet, it’s a project about people promoting change, be it directly related to the life of those she comes across on the streets or our own lives when we stop to think on how our lives can be a bit more for those we encounter.