Recycled Hope

First came the idea of creating a music program for kids. Fortunately, the program grew more than what the creators expected. Then, as usual, when in need, men are able to bring up creative solutions using all resources available, even when they’re just in the middle of a landfill. This is the background of the Recycled Orchestra, one of the most outstanding projects I’ve ever seen.

Located at the city of Cautera, in Paraguay, a city at the top of a landfill, Szaran and Fabio decided to start a music project to prevent kids from getting involved with drugs, gangs and criminality. When this project reached more children than what they were expecting, something new appeared to them: a violin made of recycled materials from the landfill. They soon found out that it was an incredibly useful solution since classical instruments usually cost an unaffordable price to those kids.

Just like that, an entire orchestra was created, with instruments like cellos, violins, flutes, percussions, among others, all made of recycled material. As a POC member, and a music lover, I could never finish this post without recommending such an amazing initiative like Recycled Orchestra.

A group of video producers decided to record a movie, called Landfill Harmonic, to share the story of the Recycled Orchestra. A teaser was released 3 months ago to show a little bit of what is coming up for the full-length documentary. Take only a few minutes to watch this teaser, and you’ll learn more about the Recycled Orchestra and the environment of Cautera.

You may also be a part of this production by donating. All information you need is on their website and Facebook page.