Quarterly News :: June 2013

Yes, we are already over with the first half of 2013! It’s scary to think that six months have already gone by; and luckily, much has happened during this time. Let’s share the news!

Our team continues to grow. In this past three months, three new volunteers joined People of Change. Heather Harrison, who is currently finishing her Master’s in Library and Information Science in California, joined the team in late March and has been contributing with monthly posts. Gabriel Louback, a journalist and social media specialist from São Paulo, has also joined People of Change and will help us in finding great stories and characters for our original content. Laura Brisard, a student at the University of Montreal, is now also part of the family.

We’ve also successfully launched the French version of the website and we are already getting great feedback from the francophone community, with increasing traffic from France and Canada. Our volunteer Jehane Jaabouti is currently overseeing the French version of the website and is also trying to implement a pilot project in Canada, that would allow People of Change to start in international co-productions.

People of Change was born as an international project and due to certain financial constrictions, most of our recent productions have been focused on Brazilian NGOs. Since we already have an international network of collaborators, we want to use the knowledge we’ve acquired and work with volunteer crews from different parts of the world, and attend a growing international demand.

To make this all possible, we are currently in the process of making People of Change an officially registered NGO. Renata Arruda, who works with marketing strategies in São Paulo, is also helping us out in this process.

All in all, we continue to grow without loosing sight of what we do and why we continue doing it. The feedback we’ve been getting from the organizations we’ve already worked with has been tremendous, and several of them have been able to raise additional funding and more volunteers because of our documentaries. In fact, we had a premiere event for our documentary about the NGO Cidadão Pró-Mundo, and for us, it was the first experience with a live audience. Once again, their positive feedback provided enough inspiration for the next six months; and we truly hope that some of that inspiration has also reached you.

Feel free to contact us at any time! We are always looking for new stories and new ways to change.