Quarterly News :: April 2014

Another quarter, and yet, a full semester has gone by since we last shared our news.

We started our fourth year committed to continue doing our work and, most importantly, in consolidating ourselves as a registered organization. There are several alternatives we’ve been considering, but essentially we’ve been focusing our time and energy on raising our seed capital to cover initial costs.

Several people are intrigued by the idea of an organization that helps other organizations. The principle is rather simple: organizations and projects need a tool to properly communicate their efforts. This tool can help obtain more funding and more volunteers (pretty much, the very basic idea behind any marketing strategy; except that the third sector operates on a different market).

The tool we’ve chosen to help with this communication are short documentaries. People of Change has created an expertise and its own visual language that has been proven to work. In the past years, we’ve had incredible feedback from all organizations we’ve worked with. Also, in order to create a greater impact, we created a full communication strategy to make sure that the documentaries are reaching the right people. The strategy involves on-site events, online campaigns and media outreaching.

All this work, however, is done on a volunteer basis. Hence, we use our expertise and knowledge to support organizations and ideas that we believe are worth the cause. Nonetheless, our current demand is greater than the amount of work the team can dedicate to the project. The only solution then is to find an alternative to cover basic operating costs, which could be reverted into more productions.

We actually had several discussions in the past on whether we should become a social company or a not for profit organization. After much debate, we’ve chosen the latter because we also believe that the whole volunteering experience, especially for those who work with media production, can indeed be transformative and show the power that lies in the hands of those who produce content.

Hopefully, by next semester, we’ll be able to share news as an actual registered organization. Until then, we’ll continue doing our work with the time we have.